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    Mary Daniel Hobson

    Opening Reception October 18th at 6:30PM

Upcoming Exhibit: October 18th


Statement from the Artist

For my MA thesis I addressed the photographic work of Dora Maar, most often known as the mate, model and muse of Picasso, but also a very talented photographic artist in her own right. Maar’s haunting collages taught me to dig deeply within myself for the source of my own creativity. 

This immersion in Surrealism also encouraged me to begin working in a mixed media manner with photography. In 1996, I began to make the first layered collages in Mapping the Body, a seven-year series exploring the emotions and experiences housed in the body. My fascination with mixed media continued in two bodies of work. Milagros honors participants' wishes for miracles and positive change in the world, while Bottle Dreams examines the mutability and fragmentary nature of memory. In 2007, I began expressing emotional states of mind with still life photography in two print series, Evocations and Sanctuary. My newest work uses collage to explore the benevolence in darkness and the initiation of motherhood.

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